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Eliminating e-commerce fraud with next-level digital security

Banks, card issuers, and merchants fight e-commerce fraud every day. EQUE offers a breakthrough way to secure online transactions and eliminate chargebacks.

Breakthrough in fraud prevention

EQUE Corporation is an emerging fintech company with self-sovereign digital identity protection and fraud prevention solutions for the global payments industry.

We’ve developed a breakthrough in e-commerce security and fraud prevention tied intricately to self-sovereign identity. Our patented algorithm generates an instant CVV or PIN code for one-click secure debit and credit card transactions.

 It’s a solution we call CVV Verified™ and PIN Verified™ that takes identity security and fraud prevention to a whole new level, putting it back in the hands of individuals and business where it belongs.


CVV - PIN Verified™ confronts CNP fraud

CVV Verified™ and PIN Verified™ eradicate card-not-present fraud by generating a dynamic one-time CVV or PIN code at the time of online purchase. Enrolled debit and credit card customers receive a secure one-time CVV or PIN code on their mobile device and enter it at the time of transaction. The result is a huge reduction in chargebacks, reduced friendly fraud, and lower cart abandonment – three of the biggest, costly problems facing business today.

Faster Implementation

Ultra-secure API compliant with PSD2, 3-D secure, legacy systems, and existing wallets

Easy Integrations

Integrations with minimal complexity, lower-cost, and no acquirer or merchant involvement

Cloud-based Agents

Agents in the cloud acting on the user's behalf, customizable for current and future policies

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A World of Trusted Transactions

Transparent, proactive, secure e-commerce transactions and fraud prevention integrated at the highest levels.


Estimated cost of card-not-present fraud between 2018-2023

0 %

Financial fraud grew 53% in 2022; credit union fraud jumped +70%


Estimated cost of global e-commerce fraud in 2023

Let's Connect

We’re now in early conversations with FI security leaders, card issuers, and potential technology partners about bringing next-level digital security to the payments world. We invite early-mover inquiries and conversations about use cases, solutions, and innovative implementations.